Alistair Murphy

The last few years have been busy for me - work with Terry Stamp, Judy Dyble and TIm Bowness - as well as two solo albums under the guise of The Curator - has kept me off the streets. All these albums are listed in my discography with samples, lyrics and reviews.

I have written, performed and recorded music since the late seventies. This material has either been on my own or with the band Half Life. More recently I have been collaborating with Terry Stamp of Third World War, Tim Bowness of No-Man and the breathtakingly legendary Judy Dyble (with some help from her greyhounds).

Two of my older albums islands and Passing... represent polar opposites of my work. The former an extended suite of music inspired by the progressive music of the early seventies, the latter a singer/songwriter album. 

Passing is available for purchase as a download, and islands as a CD here.


It has been a twisted road to get to the point where this album is finally finished! The idea originally was to produce an album of songs rather than the type of extended pieces that made up islands or the rockier work of the last Half Life album. It was begun before I had started working with either Terry Stamp or Tim Bowness and recorded on analogue multi-track. I finished it on digital after completing Howling for the Highway Home by Terry Stamp.

Click below for lyrics and samples:

Passing - Alistair Murphy (2008)

islands - Alistair Murphy (2000)

Storm Damage - Half Life (2000)

Walking Out The Wall - Half Life (1995)

All of these albums are available for purchase here as CDs or in the case of ‘Passing’ as a  download.