Terry Stamp

I continue to work with Terry Stamp and Jim Avery of the cult 70s band Third World War. I have produced two acclaimed albums (as well as contributing much of the instrumental work)

Two albums are now available:

Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety Nines buy now

“A lost hero of Britrock – missing in action for 30 years – Stamp's '70s outfit Third World War were an influence on the punk generation. These new recordings with old partner Jim Avery, drawing on bitter experiences of music business battles past, are blessed with the hard flinty truths of real blues and alt country. Welcome back lads.”

Gavin Martin - The Daily Mirror, 2005

Howling for the Highway Home buy now

There's a songwriting talent here worthy of comparison to Waits, Springsteen, Davies and Dylan. Anything can happen in a Terry Stamp lyric, where the join between narrative fantasy, true-life observation and oblique autobiography is impossible to spot. Before the end, you'll be propositioned in Revolution Square, receive a drunken phone call from the Reeperbahn, and find yourself parked out by the lake, contemplating drinking it all? Quite some journey." - Marcus Gray Classic Rock March 2007

Both albums are widely available on the web as well at Burning Shed.

Click here for sound samples from Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety Nines

To find out more about Terry Stamp and Jim Avery, and read the reviews of the album (Daily Mail, Uncut, Rolling Stone...) go to www.stardomroad.com