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Weavings of a Silver Magic : Judy Dyble A new release on the 10th April 2020. A live album recorded with the band of Perfect Strangers and the Ad Hoc Strings. Available from Burning Shed and Amazon



Twenty-Six/12 : The Curator A new release on the 6th September 2019. An album of piano based songs. Available from Burning Shed and Amazon



Earth is Sleeping- Judy Dyble. A third studio album with Judy, produced by me and containing songs written by Judy with a number of people including myself. Featuring the Band of Perfect Strangers of course.


Where the Stars Will Give Way To The Morning - The Curator A collection of 8 songs stretched over two sides of vinyl. It features contributions from Jez Salmon, Mark Fletcher, Steve Bingham, Laurie A'Court, Diana Hare, Lindsey Mackie, Ian Burrage and Pat Mastelotto.

Everyone has opinions on everything - here are mine...

Available on vinyl (with a CD included) or just a CD. Buy here



Earth is Sleeping- Judy Dyble. A third studio album with Judy, produced by me and containing songs written by Judy with a number of people including myself. Featuring the Band of Perfect Strangers of course.


I was also very honoured to be featured on a piece with Tim Bowness that also featured Peter Hammill. It is called voiceloop five and is made up of a track that was built up with keyboards and things by me from an initial guitar part by Peter Hammill and then had vocals added by Tim. It is available here.


A new album from Tim Bowness, Lost in the Ghost Light to be released in 2017 features a reworking of a song that I co-wrote with Tim and Andy Butler some years ago. Information can be found here.


New Live album from Judy Dyble Judy Dyble and band captured Live at the WM Jazz Club. Featuring songs from her two latest albums, Talking with Strangers and Flow and Change as well as sprinklings of her past. Produced and many songs co-written by the Curator the album continues on the upward path she has taken since her return to the limelight. Available here.

'Beautiful and needed now more than ever.' - Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror

'We're taken to another place entirely.' - Grant Moon, Prog

'An emotional resonance that lingers long after the last note lands on the ear.' - Lesley-Ann Jones Available from the Cromerzone Amazon shop here


Film maker Franceso Paladino has created a haunting video for the song Wintersong written by Judy Dyble and myself. This song featured my first go at a tadpole and telegraph line arrangement (for cello and French horn). It turned out OK I would suggest... From Flow and Change. View the video here.


Flow and Change is now available on Vinyl - the way all music should be heard. A thing of beauty from Plane Groovy. Available here.

Judy Dyble's new album has been released by Gonzo Multimedia It features songs co-written by Alistair Murphy with Judy Dyble as well as others co-written by Judy with Julianne Regan, Simon House and Dean Frances-Hawkesly and Andy Suttie. Produced by Alistair Murphy it features many of the usual suspects! Pat Mastelotto, Mark Fletcher, Jeremy Salmon, Steve Bingham and Phil Toms on the tadpole trail again. Available here


Available now. The Curator Albums, Inside the Whale & Sometime Soon, Half Life albums, Walking Out To The Wall and Storm Damage plus Islands by Alistair Murphy and the two Terry Stamp collaborations all available at the Amazon Cromerzone Shop. All albums shipped directly from Cromerzone. Alternatively the same albums are also available from the very fine Burning Shed.

Now available here: Inside the Whale and Other Stories the follow up to Sometime Soon. It features Mark Fletcher, Diana Hare, Pat Mastelotto, Steve Bingham, Jeremy Salmon, Harry Fletcher, Phil Toms, the Ely Sinfonia and others. Having tasted the wonderful multiple violin overdubs of Steve Bingham on Sometime Soon I wanted more of these textures. Bored of shiny digital string samples almost as soon as I had first heard them in nineteen-eighty-sometime, I recently set out with Steve and string arranger Phil Toms on the road to orchestral heaven. With Phil slipping the tadpoles on the telegraph lines and he and Steve caught in huddles at the side of the road smirking over some obscure musical reference we went down the neglected pathway of rock orchestration. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Tony Visconti, Dee Palmer, Nicky Harrison, Mick Ronson and others, we strode on...(it was fun too).